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Holding Hands


Janice Mae is a self-love and empowerment team, offering an abundance of tools, resources and workshops designed to inspire and support you in the discovery of self. 
With years of experience in personal development and corporate growth, Janice Mae's resources offer proven and unlimited success in all areas of achievement.  Janice Mae invites you to explore, educate and ignite your inner passion. Let's unlock your full potential and start your self-development journey now!

"My intention is to walk alongside as you travel the path of love for self and others. I honour your individual experience and the answers that are yours alone. I wish for you the courage to look at your current life choices and reflect to see if these are working for you. I then bless you on your path to making changes, for change is the key to the life you desire.

You will know that you are well on your path when you love yourself.” - Janice Mae

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