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COURAGE TO LOVE- Personal Workshop

Courage to Love Yourself was written by Janice Parviainen and has been broken down into a series of workshops, based on chapters within the book.

These workshops are offered within one weekend exploring all chapters relevant to the group, within Courage to Love Yourself.

Chapter One: Suffering
Chapter Two: Learning about self
Chapter Three: Forgive
Chapter Four: Love me left-handed
Chapter Five: Acceptance and appreciation
Chapter Six: Hiding on purpose
Chapter Seven: Answering the call
Chapter Eight: taking care

Waterside Women

Workshops and Events 

Join or host your very own Courage to Love workshop, scroll down to learn more

COURAGE TO LOVE- Custom Workshop

To start, simply tell us where you are located, and what your vision and goals are for your event! One of our worldwide circle masters will then connect with you and help assist, plan, and co create your Courage to Love event exactly how you envisioned. Its that simple- ready?
*If you would like to join in on a current or upcoming custom workshop click the link below.



Join or Host your own Courage to Love spa retreat. Focusing on relaxation and growth. For more information please contact
Heather Bortilussi
226-444 5882 

COURAGE TO LOVE- One on One Quest 

One-on-one three month coaching sessions inspiring and educating you to achieve your full potential.

For more information please contact

Diane Hoover


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